Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ten, Eleven, Twelve

More of the 29 gifts - Day Ten: I went the whole day and didn't really have the chance to do much for anyone, so at the end of the day, I texted to my cell phone and gave a donation to Haiti. Not much effort or money, but I hope that collectively - it makes a difference.
Day Eleven: I went to my book club meeting and delivered a Cat Stevens mix (all my favorite songs of his) that I had made for my friend, Liz. It had been sitting on my desk for awhile, so it was great that I could finally give it to her. She recently lost her Mom - so I've been thinking of her. Day Twelve: I passed along the book I was reading for book club "The Guernsey Society and Potato Peel Book Club" and the "29-Gifts" book to my friend Mary at work. She and I have similar reading tastes and she said she would be interested in reading the 29-Gifts book. She also does a great deal for the people in her life, and always has a pleasant word for everyone she meets.
The photo is one my sister had on her blog - it reminds me of the era of the Guernsey Society book. I can just picture the sheep saying weird things...

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