Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gifts Six through Nine

29-Day Gift Giving Challenge Day Six: My daughter Lauren recently moved back to town and in with me after her graduation from ASU (yay - we finally got her diploma in the mail two days ago!). I took her with me to a fun raggae dance class called booty quake :) It was an awesome workout and we had a great time. Who knew giving could be so much fun! Day Seven: Lauren was again the recepient of one of my gifts (I'm going to do more for other people - I swear). We went to a small nail salon and had pedicures. I tipped both of the girls who are from Vietnam more than I would have normally. Lauren said her nail tech was a single mother who was orphaned at birth and brought up by relatives before moving to the U.S. Lauren said she was grateful to have a good relationship with her mom - (another gift coming back to me - gratitude from my children.) Day Eight: The Garage Sale - I am clearing out a lot of things in order to put my home on the market. I had a garage sale and during the sale - I gave out a few extra things. I also bought salsa from a woman who was selling it to raise money for her grandson with a medical condition. At the end of the day - I packed everything up that was left and delivered it to Good will. Day Nine: I took my dog for a hike up Camelback Mountain - which he absolutely loves. (Yes, you can do things for non-humans too.) I also loaned Betty and Veronica - the names of my two beach cruisers (pictured above) - to my next door neighbor. I cleaned them up and pumped up the tires, so I guess that counts as a gift, right?

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