Friday, June 27, 2008

Week Eight - InDesign Class

I took a one-on-one class this week to upgrade my skills in the InDesign program. Now I am all jazzed to do more with it! Thanks Dave at PrismaGraphics!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week Seven - Using Craig's List

I actually used Craig's list twice in the past few weeks for the first time. Once to find a sublet apartment for Lauren for her MTV internship in California. And because she was gone, I sold the Kanye West tickets I purchased with the help of my friend Traci. Both transitions went smoothly, although I did see some very interesting and strange things on Craig's list. I suggest using it with caution.
I would have liked adding that I saw a Rap/Hip/Hop concert to the 52 New Things list, but didn't want to go without my homey Lauren to protect me. (It is too bad as Lauren's BFF Martha would have gone with me - but I already sold the tickets. I made $80 on the deal.)
Here is a picture of Kanye anyway! Go out and live the Good Life!

Week Six - New Restaurant

See my regular blog for a picture of the Birthday girls having lunch at HumblePie in Scottsdale.
Great restaurant with gourment salads and pizzas. The veggie chopped salad, butternut squash and pistachio pizza were great. (Good choice, Liz.)

Here is a link to the restaurants Web page:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week Five - Cooking Class

I took a cooking class this week and we prepared peppered steak, a vegetable relish (which I got to chop all the veggies) and a great dessert - a mousse between two delicate cookies. The class was at Sweet Basils in Scottsdale. They had wine pairings with all the different dishes. This was not a picture of our actual meal - I did not bring my camera!

Week Four - Garden Group

My friend Dawn started a Garden Club in Arcadia. I attended our first meeting - there seems to be a lot of people interested in gardening, but not too experienced at it (I am definately including myself in that group). Our first outing will be to a neighbors garden who was recently featured in Phoenix House and Gardens.

Here is a picture of my own garden out back.

Week Three - Guided Meditation

My daughter Lauren and I went to try an hour of guided meditation at the Emaho center in Scottsdale. The first time we went we sat on the pillows on the floor and discovered how hard it is to sit cross legged for an hour. The center's resident buddhist monk was on a book tour, so we listened to the apprentice, who has a beautiful chanting voice and a tape of the "regular" monk. We liked the tape so much we returned the next week for the real thing and will probably try to attend one of his seminars in the future. The two discussions before the meditatations were on together as sensient beings (not alone but all one) and on loving kindness.

I took this picture in Hawaii last summer. It was a very peaceful spot at our hotel.

Week Two - Yoga Class with Wayne Morrisette

On week two, I tried a new spirtual dance/yoga workshop at At One Yoga in Phoenix. The class was led by Canadian Wayne Morrisette (brother of singer Alanis Morrisette). My friend Nancy joined me and we participated in the class that incorporated yoga, music, dance and a bit of chanting. Overall it was an enjoyable experience. I do love to dance!

Week One - Blogging Class

I took a class from the wonderful Mike Putnam on how to blog at Mystic Paper in Mesa, Arizona. I started my own blog and have been enjoying the world of blogging. Here is the header from my first blog.