Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week Three - Guided Meditation

My daughter Lauren and I went to try an hour of guided meditation at the Emaho center in Scottsdale. The first time we went we sat on the pillows on the floor and discovered how hard it is to sit cross legged for an hour. The center's resident buddhist monk was on a book tour, so we listened to the apprentice, who has a beautiful chanting voice and a tape of the "regular" monk. We liked the tape so much we returned the next week for the real thing and will probably try to attend one of his seminars in the future. The two discussions before the meditatations were on together as sensient beings (not alone but all one) and on loving kindness.

I took this picture in Hawaii last summer. It was a very peaceful spot at our hotel.

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Love This Life... said...

You have two really cool blogs... I enjoyed looking at the pics and reading ... but I felt like a bit of a stalker... sorry... alas I am a Gemini... thanks for making that A GOOD THING in your blog... I think I need more Gemini pals... Cheers & Peace & Love from Sally in Nova Scotia (o: