Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week Seven - Using Craig's List

I actually used Craig's list twice in the past few weeks for the first time. Once to find a sublet apartment for Lauren for her MTV internship in California. And because she was gone, I sold the Kanye West tickets I purchased with the help of my friend Traci. Both transitions went smoothly, although I did see some very interesting and strange things on Craig's list. I suggest using it with caution.
I would have liked adding that I saw a Rap/Hip/Hop concert to the 52 New Things list, but didn't want to go without my homey Lauren to protect me. (It is too bad as Lauren's BFF Martha would have gone with me - but I already sold the tickets. I made $80 on the deal.)
Here is a picture of Kanye anyway! Go out and live the Good Life!

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Jack & Cat said...

Love it! Love it! I'm gonna do a post about you! Love this blog! Love your banner and look as well. Talk soon!