Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 20 - David Sedaris and House of Tricks

I went to see author David Sedaris who read from his very funny books and diary. He was quite entertaining. Another first was going to House of Tricks in Tempe before the show with my friends, Chris, Stephanie and Dana. It was a beautiful evening and we sat outside on the patio. I had the salmon and it was delicious. I would highly recommend House of Tricks! And I would also recommend reading any of David Sedaris's books - but be forewarned, he is very liberal and tells it like he sees it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 19 - Sway Dance

My friend Nancy and I went to Sway dance company (owned by my friend Maggie Kline and her daughter Marissa). We took Marissa's Boogie Mix class. What fun - and a great workout too. I love to dance, it is so much fun it doesn't seem like your exercising. Although I bet we burned tons of calories. Visit Sway at for a listing of classes. They have Zumba classes there too.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week 18 - Kinesis Wall

I took at intro class at the Village (my gym) on the Kinesis wall. It is a wall with pulleys and you do a workout in about 20 minutes that targets most of your body. It was different and will be a good way to add some variety to my workouts. I really felt it in my back. Next on the list is trying Pilates...

Week 17 - One more Mac Class

Week 17 - One more hour of Mac training and we were able to edit a video of a seminar at work. Now we need to post to our Web site for an RSS feed so we can make a podcast for our members. One step at a time....