Monday, February 1, 2010

I Lost Count of the Days, But Not the Giving!!!

OK - I have been hanging in there on my giving challenge, but I stopped writing down what I was giving and I think I lost track! Here are more things I've done, but I can't remember what days I did them on! Yesterday, I went on a errand of mercy to my sister's house as she had her battery go dead. I also dropped off some extra roast beef I made for her and my Aunt and Uncle. Last week, I helped my friend Nancy wrap her dog's foot up before I went to work - I also bought her popcorn the night before, so I combined these as one gift. I made some banana bread for everyone at work. I made two large pans of enchiladas for Lauren's ski trip - it fed 21 of her friends! Packed up more Roast Beef for Jack today and gave him some extra gas money. I did a day of calls to some friends I haven't talked to in awhile. And now I am forgetting... I know I only missed one day. I am on Day 25! I think the book says that if you forget one day, you have to start over. I think I will add two days on the end and call it even! This picture has nothing to do with my giving project - I just know it is one of my Mom's favorite pictures of me. I was playing dress-up pioneer women with my trusty dog Ginger in Michigan. I ran around all summer in barefeet. Behind me is an old farmhouse we were renting while my Dad built our house down the road. Ahhh, the good old days...

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