Saturday, January 31, 2009

Week 28 - Writing Seminar - Diana Gabaldon

My friend Vicki B and I attended a writing seminar featuring Diana Gabaldon (Outlander, Firefly in Amber) today. We rode there in style in Vicki's new Corvette.
Gabaldon was very witty and inspirational. She talked about her writing process and gave us some pointers on researching for historical fiction writing. She recommended looking for random things and to not be afraid to stray off your path when doing research. "Turn over a rock and see what crawls out."
She is coming out with a new book this fall-- the seventh in the Outlander series. I believe she said the title will be An Echo of the Bone. She also said Outlander has been optioned out for a movie. She graciously agreed to let me have my picture taken with her. Horrible photo of me, but she is very lovely.

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Love This Life said...

Hi again, its me again (Sally) I'm now just blogging the cottage in Nova Scotia, Canada and still like to check in on your blogs too... I really love Diana Gabaldon's books too... I went & met her in BC when she visited for a writer's conference and her new book signing of "Breathe of Snow & Ashes" She is such an amazing writer and elegant engaging lady too (0: