Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week 24 - True Foods

Lauren and I visited the new restaurant at the Biltmore Fashion Park called True Foods - This restaurant was created by the Fox group here in Phoenix (Olive and Ivy, Bloom) and health guru Dr. Andrew Weil. In fact, he came in and had lunch while we were there. (He did not have to wait for a table - but we did!)
The food was really healthy and very good. I would highly recommend this place. I did not see any red meat on the menu, but there were lots of veggies, fish and some chicken. I had the Medicine Man juice drink and the salmon sandwich. Lauren had the Miso Sea Bass. Everything was delish!

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CeCe said...

I will have to take my girlfriend from TN there to eat the next time she is in town. She likes the good Dr. I love your idea of doing something different each week!