Monday, August 11, 2008

Week Ten, Eleven and Twelve

I have been so busy doing things that I have not had time to put them all down in my blog. I will catch up a bit through the end of July and then do August next week. I figure I get credit for doing something new in that I dropped everything and planned to go the Grand Cayman in two weeks. I never do anything that compulsive. Cayman was great and I was able to do a few new things there, including trying conch shell fritters and swimming with the stingrays. And while I have snorkeled before, I am usually too claustrophobic to enjoy it much. I was able to overcome this and had an "ah ha" moment when swimming with a group of Blue Tangs. It seemed the more I tried to get close to them, the more they spooked, so I just floated on the current (much like they were doing) and they let me glide along with them no problem.

I also learned how to post some video to my other blog - so check out more Cayman photos and the video at

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